Swing Band Hire for Christmas Parties: Silk Street Swing:

From Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra to legendary icons such as Nat King Cole, swing music and Christmas are synonymous. It seems that all the greats have tried their hand with what have become known as Christmas swing classics. Fast forward to the modern era, and the song very much remains the same. The likes of Michael Bublé, Jamie Cullum, and Robbie Williams have all carried on the Christmas swing tradition. Yes, there’s something about swing and Christmas that just goes so well together. Like turkey and stuffing, trees and baubles, swing and yuletide are a match made in heaven. This also means that swing band hire for Christmas parties is always in high demand.

And Silk Street Swing could be the ideal act for your Christmas Party!

Swing Band Hire: Versatility and Quality Guaranteed

Silk Street Swing have an extensive repertoire of songs to choose from. We cover a wide range of jazz styles. So, whether you want your swing band hire to serenade your guests with traditional 1920s jazz, or you want the full Rat Pack Christmas vibe, we can meet all requests.

From classic hits from the golden age of swing to contemporary swing favourites, we can play them all. Whatever type of swing act you are looking to hire – low-key get-together, or a big party bash – Silk Street Swing can cater for your every need.

Swing Band Hire: Choice of line-ups

An issue with some live acts on the circuit is their ‘one size fits all’ approach. They might be a great act with great songs – but you just get the same performance every time they hit the stage. With our swing band hire, we have a choice of line-ups. The line-up can be specifically tailored for your Christmas event. There are solo options, duos, right through to six perfomers, or a full cabaret-style show.

Make your Christmas Party Swing

Jazz and swing Christmas songs add a genuine touch of class and groove to any festive event. From a formal drinks reception to a full-blown party bash, check out these Great Swing and Jazz Christmas Songs – suitable for very yuletide occasion!

Why choose Silk Street Swing for your Christmas event?

So, why choose us? Well, as a full-time band, we work hard to make sure we not only meet the expectations of all our clients, but we also exceed them too. You can count on our professionalism, training and experience – and the expertise and know-how that comes from performing at countless events over the years. We are swing band hire you can trust.

You can watch the band in action live, find out more about line-up options and listen to sound bytes.

If you want to truly make your Christmas Party swing, get in touch, and get this swing band hire on the road!

Hire a wedding reception band: 5 vintage 1930s wedding ideas:

How to plan a vintage wedding and hire a wedding reception band that really swings

Planning a wedding starts with searching for inspiration and ideas. If you’ve often dreamed of stepping back in time, or gravitate towards the styles of the 1930s and 40s, a vintage wedding is the perfect choice.

Here are 5 essentials you need to work into your planning, whether it’s deciding to hire a wedding reception band or choosing the perfect historic venue.

swings bands for wedding

1. Choose wartime wedding fashions

Make sure the wedding party looks the part. 1930s and 40s brides would usually wear lace, silk, corseted dresses with long sleeves, high necklines, and mid-calf or floor length hemlines, while grooms wore broad shoulders, waistcoats, and brogues.

Bridesmaids wear pastels, golds, and floral prints, with understated bias cut skirts and cowl necklines. Groomsmen would be at home in similar tailoring to the groom, featuring old fashioned buttonholes.

2. Set the table for tea (and champagne!)

The early 1940s was all about the ‘DIY wedding’. With so many couples separated by war, getting married in a hurry was a priority and weddings were often thrown together as a result. Your wedding will hopefully have much more planning time, but you can still pay tribute with a traditional and timeless wedding breakfast.

After your drinks reception, set the tables with china cups and teapots, delicate flowers, tiered cakes, sandwiches, scones, and all the afternoon tea favourites. If you hire a wedding reception band, they could perform while people help themselves to really set the mood.

hire a wedding reception band

3. Choose a venue with style and history

There are many historic buildings up and down the country, all with rich pasts, classic architecture, and some stunning gardens. If you want to be truly authentic, research local churches, registry offices, hotels, and other venues with connections to the 1930s and 1940s. You could even get creative a book a steam train, museum, or country pile in the middle of nowhere!

Bonus points if the venue has plenty of stained glass and original features. They’re the perfect backdrop for wedding photographs.

4. Strike up the band!

For a truly spectacular party, you need to hire a wedding reception band. When you’re stepping back in time, a DJ doesn’t always cut it!

The 1920s onwards were all about jazz. People couldn’t get enough of the deep bass lines and hot brass. Weddings were no different. Couples with style would make sure their nuptials were serenaded by jazz musicians.

Silk Street Swing play sophisticated jazz and lively swing music – all live and dripping with 1930s and 40s style. Their huge repertoire of songs can be played by line-ups of 2 to 5 talented, experienced musicians. Silk Street Swing know how to turn up the fun at any celebration.

Hire a wedding reception band with style and swing. Get a no-obligation quote today.

Why you should start planning next year’s Xmas party NOW:

Everyone’s chosen their festive outfits, and the function band hire is all sorted, but the super organised among us have next year’s Christmas party on the brain too!

Whether you’re the family’s designated party planner or you’re always first on the list to organise corporate events at work, this should convince you to start prep for Christmas 2020 early. 

Book early = book the best

This goes for venues, catering, entertainment, function band hire, decorations, and pretty much everything else you can think of. It’s perfectly possible to throw something together in a month, but you’ll probably end up making a lot of phone calls to different suppliers, being told the haven’t got much left, and settling for what’s available.

It’s definitely not too early to start discussing party plans with caterers, venues, and entertainment agencies. They love planning ahead too.

function band hire

Planning is easier without pressure

Event planning can be stressful, and nothing increases stress like being short of time. If you have months and months of planning time, you’ll have loads of opportunities to consider all the options, avoid disasters, and spend time on the details that matter.

Even the best Christmas party in the world isn’t worth bucket loads of stress. With time on your side, you can balance party planning with all the other important stuff in life.

You can undo this year’s mistakes (if you made any…)

Hopefully this year’s Christmas party will be a huge hit, but if anything doesn’t quite go to plan, Christmas 2020 is the perfect opportunity to make sure it doesn’t happen again. If glasses run out, the venue turns out to be disorganised, or a supplier makes life difficult, make a mental note of the problem and how to fix it or avoid it completely.

function band hire

You’ll enjoy the event more

If everyone else is having a great time, so should you! The party planner is often burdened with all the decision-making, and that means their job doesn’t finish until the party does. If everything is organised well in advance, you’ll be able to let your hair down just as enthusiastically as everyone else.

How to get started

Start small with a budget, timeframe, and a list of things you need for the perfect Christmas party. Then you can work out which jobs are the highest and lowest priority.

  1. Theme. The initial planning stage is more about floating ideas and considering what guests will enjoy. Once you’ve settled on a theme, you can start making decisions.
  2. Venue. This should be booked first so you have a concrete date. Many suppliers won’t commit until that’s sorted.
  3. Guest list. Numbers are crucial. People should receive their invitations, or at least know about the event 4-6 weeks beforehand. You’ll need to estimate numbers while you’re planning, so have a maximum and minimum capacity in mind.
  4. Decorations and suppliers. With a date, guest list, and theme, you can start to choose decorations, entertainment, catering, and everything else.
  5. Finishing touches. Anything that’s less time dependent or easier to source can be taken care of last. Your suppliers will be able to tell you what they provide, when, and what’s not included.

swing band lineups

Function band hire your guests will love

Silk Street Swing are experienced jazz musicians with years’ of big and small events under their belt. They play a huge range of swinging jazz tunes you’ll recognise, as well as some Christmas favourites.

Whether you want to bring the rat pack back to life, throw an authentic 1920s party, or give your guests something a little bit different, Silk Street Swing are the big band you need.

Book Silk Street Swing now!

9 first dance ideas for your wedding:

Wedding music is important, whether it’s mixed by a DJ or part of the wedding band hire. Even if you’re not usually at home on the dance floor, your first dance as a couple is a big moment. It can be symbolic, fun, and even choreographed!

If you’re not settled on a song, these 9 ideas will help you narrow it down in no time.

1. The first song you danced to

Your wedding first dance isn’t actually your first dance. If you’re more than used to tearing up the dance floor together, choose that first song you remember dancing to together. No matter how cheesy.

2. A blast from the past

For couples that got together a while ago – when the Top 40 looked a lot different – a classic song full of memories is a great choice. It has a lot of significance for you, and it’ll be a dose of nostalgia for your friends too.

hire a jazz band

3. Lyrics that describe your relationship

Some songs sound like they were written just for us. As well as using your wedding band hire to make special requests, you can also make your first dance something meaningful and symbolic of your relationship. It will feel like you’re the only two people left in the world.

4. An artist or band you both love

Die hard Beatles fans? Been to every Kylie concert? If you’ve both bonded over your love of a particular artist or band, they deserve a nod during your first dance. If you don’t have the budget to ask them to perform live, a track will have to do…

5. A band or artist everybody loves

There’s nothing wrong with a popular choice. According to Spotify’s most popular first dance songs, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’, ‘At Last’ by Etta James, ‘You Are the Best Thing’ by Ray LaMontagne, ‘All of Me’ by John Legend, and Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’ were the 5 most-played in 2018.

6. Something no one would ever expect

The classic first dance is slow, soulful and romantic. The last thing people generally expect is some hard rock, a novelty school disco classic, or even something that would sound more appropriate at a rave. If it means something to you both, go for it.

wedding band hire

7. Something obscure no one’s heard of

Wide appeal definitely isn’t essential. It’s not about everyone else, the first dance song is about you. If you’re both into an obscure underground band, and there’s a song in their back catalogue that means something to you, it’s an ideal first dance.

8. Show off your dancing abilities

Extravagant (but unexpected) dance routines have become a big first dance trend. Even if you’re not quite ready to hire a dance studio for rehearsals, you could use your first dance to make some small but genuinely impressive moves. Learn to waltz or tango a few steps and you’ll make a special moment even more special.

9. Choose wedding band hire to accompany you

Nothing beats live music. Instead of asking your DJ to press play, live jazz music will fill the room and give your first dance some style.

Silk Street Swing is a snappy-dressing, toe-tapping swing jazz band, and ready to start the party, fill the dance floor, and give you and your partner a moment to remember forever. They play all the smooth jazz classics you love, including ‘Moon River’ and ‘The Way You Look Tonight’.

Book Silk Street Swing for your first dance.

How to make your 1940s wedding swing with style:

If you’ve got your heart set on a 1940s period wedding with wedding evening entertainment, it’s important to do a bit of research.

One of the most famous 1940s weddings was the Queen’s, on 20 November 1947. It was broadcast around the world to 200 million people, the wedding cake was 9 feet high, and one of the corgis even came on their honeymoon!

It’s probably going to be a bit tricky for you to book the Abbey like Her Majesty did, but you can still enjoy a delightfully authentic 1940s wedding and evening reception.

wedding evening entertainment

For true historical accuracy, keep it low key

A wartime/post-wartime wedding was often a straightforward and last-minute affair. Rationing and army deployment meant a lot of couples would do things in a matter of days and on a budget. That often meant no white dress!

You’ve probably got the luxury of some more planning time (and there’s no limit on how much butter and sugar you can buy), but you could still take inspiration from the couples of the 1940s and throw a simple wedding party in a registry office, country pub, village hall, or somewhere with meaning for both of you.

Lace, padded shoulders, and headband veils

Some brides did wear a white dress in the 40s. Slim, simple designs were especially popular, as well as lace, long sleeves, sweetheart neck lines, and padded square shoulders. Veils were often very fine and delicate, and worn with decorative headbands.

Vintage wedding dresses are a popular choice for 21st Century weddings, and the 1940s was full of lace-trimmed inspiration.

wedding evening entertainment

Source: Victoriana Magazine

Pay attention to the small details

This happy couple from the West Midlands pulled out all the stops to throw a military-themed 1940s wedding in 2015. From the Union Jack bunting to the framed wartime posters, it was creative and personal from the vows right through to the afternoon tea reception.

Transportation, place settings, wedding favours, wedding evening entertainment, photography, and flowers can all have that vintage touch. If you’re crafty and love making things yourself, even better!

Strike up the band for wedding evening entertainment

Music in the 1940s was full of swing. People loved big band music and jazz, which is pretty much impossible not to dance to.

Your wedding evening entertainment will be in good hands with Silk Street Swing. Our huge repertoire includes jazz and big band classics, like The Lady Is A Tramp, Fly Me To The Moon, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, and more.

We’ve performed at hundreds of events and weddings at the UK, as well as on TV and film, so you could say we’re experts at getting an authentic 1940s party started.

To book us for your big day, get in touch.

Liverpool’s 5 best period wedding venues:

Before choosing wedding entertainers and designing a signature cocktail for your guests, the venue is the most important booking. It will make your photos unforgettable and set the tone for the whole day.

Liverpool is known for its beautiful historic buildings. If you’re looking for one to host your wedding ceremony or reception, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There are several Victorian red brick galleries and Georgian halls to choose from. All you have to do is pick the canapés!

1. Liverpool Town Hall

wedding entertainers

Source: Liverpool Town Hall

This beautiful Grade I listed Georgian building is a huge piece of Liverpool’s history. You can celebrate your marriage in either the small or large ballroom, with their large decorative ceilings, chandeliers, and elegant table arrangements. Rooms this grand, spacious, and elegant are a very rare find.

2. Victoria Gallery & Museum

wedding entertainers

Source: University of Liverpool Conferences & Events

Victoria Gallery has an unforgettable mosaic floor and unique brickwork. The Grand Entrance Hall is the perfect location for a wedding breakfast and reception.

The iconic red brick building is set in Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter, and apparently houses “beautiful and bizarre curiosities from the last 127 years of the University’s history”, including dinosaur footprints and the very first X-Ray technology. If you like quirky buildings with even quirkier histories, this is the venue for you.

3. Royal Liver Building

wedding entertainers


If you’ve ever looked around a stately home and thought it would be perfect if they just replaced the old carpets, we think you’ll be a big fan of the Royal Liver Building. This famous Liverpool landmark has been renovated to reflect more modern tastes, with white walls and classic coving. Booking includes exclusive use of the venue, views of the River Mersey, and even a street food buffet.

Your wedding entertainers will look just the part against this classical, minimalist backdrop.

4. St George’s Hall

wedding entertainers


You can see St George’s Hall’s huge stone columns emerge as soon as you step out of Lime Street Station. The Great Hall is a stunning space, with an original 18th Century organ and huge stained glass panels. The Concert Room’s red seating and curved structure is a very impressive place to say your vows…

5. 30 James Street

wedding entertainers

Source: RMS Titanic Hotel

Once home to the White Star Line (famous for sending the Titanic off on its voyage), 30 James Street is now a stunning wedding venue and hotel. The White Star Grand Hall is where first class passengers waited for their departure and had their tickets checked. It now hosts 200 wedding guests, your champagne reception, and a 3-course wedding breakfast.

Swing & jazz wedding entertainers

Silk Street Swing’s wedding entertainers will bring the timeless tunes of swing and jazz to your wedding venue. We can bring you 1920s refinement or sophisticated rat pack glamour – whatever your stunning venue calls for!

Give us a call or enquire online.

Manchester’s 5 best vintage wedding venues:

If you want to get hitched in Manchester, you’ve got your choice of beautiful old buildings full of history. Before you choose your vintage wedding band Manchester, or decide which canapés your guests will love, the venue has to come first.

Shopping around? We’ve created a shortlist to make life a bit easier. These are the city’s best authentically period and vintage wedding venues.

wedding band Manchester

Source: James Tracey Photography

1. Victoria Baths

With its authentic Victorian pool, distinctive green tiles, and quirky changing rooms, Victoria Baths is one of the most unique period wedding venues you’ll come across in the country, never mind in Manchester. The pool’s not used much anymore, but you can still get married or host your reception in the deep end.

If you’re a Peaky Blinders fan you’ll recognise it from several episodes – they’ve filmed here a few times. It even provided the setting for a horse fair that ended in a gun fight.

band hire Manchester


2. Chetham’s Library

Love dark wood, cloisters, and imposing corridors? Look no further than Chetham’s, “the oldest free public reference library in the United Kingdom”. All those cosy corners and book shelves make for surprisingly good acoustics for your wedding band Manchester.

They have various period rooms to hire for different numbers. The medieval Baronial Hall is the oldest, dating back to 1421. Other parts of the interior date back to the 17th Century. Your guests will think they’re going to a rural stately home when they see the photos, but they’re actually still in the heart of Manchester city centre with access to all the best hotels.

band hire Manchester

Source: Design My Night

3. Albert Square Chop House

Established in 1865, this classic pub is certainly not of the ‘old man playing darts’ variety. Located in Manchester’s historic Albert Square, you’ll get “proper British food” in a cosy but dramatic venue. It’s full of industrial history, with an open kitchen, exposed brickwork and studded leather furniture.

band hire Manchester

Source: Manchester Hall

4. Manchester Hall

A former Freemason’s Hall, this 1920s building has been recently renovated. All the Grade II listed features have, of course, been preserved though. Its authentic 20s architecture is an ideal setting for music and dancing from your vintage wedding band Manchester.

There are 11 function rooms to choose from. The most opulent is The Museum, with its marble fireplace, gold curtains, and massive chandelier. Their food is promisingly known for “informal elegance”.

wedding band manchester


5. Manchester Art Gallery

Get married surrounded by Lowrys and Valettes, then host your drinks reception with the Pre-Raphaelites. Your reception will follow in the gallery’s glass atrium. This is a must for any art-loving couple, or anyone who likes to be surrounded by history.

How about a little music to go with your stunning venue? Silk Street Swing offer something “a little bit different”. We play jazz and swing music in prestigious settings up and down the UK, and can play you up the aisle, through your reception, or get your guests dancing to some jazz hits from the last century.

Make sure your wedding swings! Find out more.

5 things your wedding reception needs to be a huge success:

You’re hitched, the ceremony’s over, and everyone’s ready for a bite to eat and (most importantly) a knees up. The wedding reception checklist can be long, and it’s different for everyone. Some completely forget about wedding band hire, while others find they’ve crammed too much into proceedings and need to cut back.

Silk Street wedding band hire perform at hundreds of weddings a year. These 5 pieces of reception advice are essential for all couples in the midst of planning fever!

1. Plenty of time to set things up

Whether you’re getting crafty yourselves, or the venue are providing everything for you, it’s important to make sure everything’s running on schedule, tables are laid, wedding band hire is on track, and the food is where it should be. The last thing you want on your big day is an extra reason to feel stressed. Call ahead, plan ahead, or delegate to someone you trust. The reception is the biggest part of the day, and precise organisation makes it more enjoyable for everyone – especially you!

wedding band hire

2. Different moods for different guests

A dance floor is an essential at your wedding reception, but don’t forget about the people who aren’t likely to bust a move. Wedding receptions bring together people from every circle of your life – work, family, childhood friends. They don’t all like the same things, but you can bring most of their interests together by making sure your venue has places for dancing, drinks, catching up, and going back to the buffet for thirds and fourths…

3. You and your partner’s individuality

Wedding planning websites are full of ideas for stationery, table decorations, and how the day should run. It’s all handy to know, but can be generic. Your guests are there to see you get married, so it’s only right the occasion should call for a nice dose of what makes you who you are. Whether it’s a special cocktail, joke wedding favours, or props for the photo booth – show your individuality in a way your friends and family will instantly recognise and always remember.

wedding band hire

4. Time to savour the moment

Despite the months and years of planning, your wedding reception will be done in a flash. Enjoy it, savour it, and take some time to step back and congratulate yourselves on all the hard work you’ve put in, and how much your guests are enjoying themselves. The photos and videography will be a wonderful memory, but don’t forget to take mementos from the table decorations and venue too.

5. Unforgettable wedding band hire

Sometimes you want more than just a playlist for your reception entertainment. Your guests will never forget the atmosphere created by a live band playing authentic swing music. The sound fills the room like nothing else, and it’s perfect to dance to, welcome your guests to the venue, or accompany you in your first dance.

Silk Street Swing have been performing together at private parties, weddings, corporate events, and even on TV, since 2009. We travel all over the UK, performing jazz and swing classics at hundreds of venues a year.

If you’re interested in bringing the authentic jazz sounds of Silk Street Swing to your wedding venue, contact us for more details. 

How to throw a mafia themed party with live band hire:

What makes organised crime so compelling? Is it the money, the glamour, the danger? Or possibly all three?

Using the magic of costume, live band hire, and an authentic setting, you can recreate a debauched mafia party (minus the genuine danger). Here’s how to get started and get organised.

Choose your period

Organised crime is one of the world’s oldest professions, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Some of the most recognisable periods include the Corleone’s 1950s New York, flash 1980s Miami, and the bootleggers of the 1920s. Britain had its fair share of gangsters too, including the Kray’s 1960s East End, and Birmingham’s Peaky Blinders.

live band hire

Source: TIME

Take inspiration from the big and small screens

Gangsters have always been compelling on film. Everything from the setting, to the nefarious activities, and costumes, make for particularly exciting viewing. Even the Peaky Blinders’ famous shaved haircuts, “inspired by the World War I cuts favoured by infantrymen to discourage lice”, are now experiencing an enthusiastic revival.

Use film and TV to bring your chosen era to life. You can use their set designs, styles, preferences, and even favourite meals, to bring your mafia party to life.

Add some authenticity to your venue

You won’t be committing any proper crimes at your mafia themed party, of course. Instead, your interior and decorations can include cheeky nods to the criminal underworld you’re portraying.

For true authenticity, hire henchmen to vet invites, theme your cocktails, and insist everyone check their ‘violin case’ in at the door. You could also create Wanted posters and props for memorable Instagram posts.

live band hire

Live band hire

Gangsters are pretty famous for letting their hair down. The Krays owned and ran night clubs through intimidation, Al Capone was king of the Chicago speakeasy, and the Peaky Blinders were keen to take over every pub they could.

Popular jazz and swing are two of the most enduring, evolving genres. They’re the perfect accompaniment for a mafia themed party, and relevant to so many different periods of time.

Silk Street Swing play everything from swing classics to songs with a modern twist – we have a repertoire of 150+ tunes (and counting).

For authentic live band hire for your mafia themed party, contact us to discuss your dates and venue. 

Jazz band hire: A brief history of swing music:

If you’re considering jazz band hire for a party or wedding, it’s important to familiarise yourself with different styles of jazz. Silk Street Swing are inspired by the lindihopping, trumpet-blaring swing era, and can bring it to your wedding, party, or corporate event.

Here’s a crash course to get you up to speed before you start requesting songs and commit to jazz band hire.

From the 1920s to the mid-40s

The swing era officially began in 1935, but its roots can be traced back to New Orleans jazz of the 1920s. Some of the most popular band leaders during this time included Fletcher Henderson, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Don Redman. The increasing popularity of radio allowed some swing and jazz musicians to achieve national fame.

The big band tradition

The ‘big band’ tradition is appropriately named. Swing bands would generally have more musicians than other jazz bands, sometimes up into the teens.

They also “organised their players into sections of brass, reeds, and rhythm, and hired skilled orchestrators to write music for them”. This allowed different sections of the band to play together and in response to each other. Composition would often be complex, featuring a big, memorable melody.

jazz band hire

Hot swing and sweet swing

The Benny Goodman orchestra developed a new genre called ‘hot swing’, which was perfect for ‘jitterbugging’ and often contained more explicit lyrics. This style was particularly popular with young people at the time, and – predictably – was disapproved of by some. ‘Sweet swing’ was the less risqué, PG version, popularised by Guy Lombardo and Shep Fields.

Musicians and band leaders who managed a middle ground between the two were often the most commercially successful, such as Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey.

The rise of vocal jazz

By the 1940s, singers were the star attraction. Ella Fitzgerald was one of the biggest stars in jazz, helping the Chick Webb Orchestra grow in popularity. Frank Sinatra originally sang with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, and fast became a national obsession. Singers soon began achieving top billing, rather than band leaders and composers.

jazz band hire

World War II

Swing music faced a few problems in the 1940s. There was a royalties conflict between the American Society of Composers and Producers and TV/radio broadcasters, which didn’t end well for the musicians and bands. Wartime restrictions made it difficult for bands to tour and record, and the government slapped a 30% tax on nightclubs in 1944. By the end of the war, swing had broken up into newer genres to adapt to the restrictions.

Its lasting influence

Modern music would be unrecognisable without the influence of jazz and swing. 1950s and 60s rock music, made popular by Elvis Presley, used swing styles. There have been several swing revivals since, in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. It’s also been adapted by house, R&B and hip hop musicians.

Jazz band hire

Silk Street Swing have helped bring countless weddings, corporate events and parties to life with their sophisticated jazz sound and swing band music. If you’re considering jazz band hire, we’d love to do the same for you.

For booking information, get in touch.

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