9 first dance ideas for your wedding:

Wedding music is important, whether it’s mixed by a DJ or part of the wedding band hire. Even if you’re not usually at home on the dance floor, your first dance as a couple is a big moment. It can be symbolic, fun, and even choreographed!

If you’re not settled on a song, these 9 ideas will help you narrow it down in no time.

1. The first song you danced to

Your wedding first dance isn’t actually your first dance. If you’re more than used to tearing up the dance floor together, choose that first song you remember dancing to together. No matter how cheesy.

2. A blast from the past

For couples that got together a while ago – when the Top 40 looked a lot different – a classic song full of memories is a great choice. It has a lot of significance for you, and it’ll be a dose of nostalgia for your friends too.

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3. Lyrics that describe your relationship

Some songs sound like they were written just for us. As well as using your wedding band hire to make special requests, you can also make your first dance something meaningful and symbolic of your relationship. It will feel like you’re the only two people left in the world.

4. An artist or band you both love

Die hard Beatles fans? Been to every Kylie concert? If you’ve both bonded over your love of a particular artist or band, they deserve a nod during your first dance. If you don’t have the budget to ask them to perform live, a track will have to do…

5. A band or artist everybody loves

There’s nothing wrong with a popular choice. According to Spotify’s most popular first dance songs, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’, ‘At Last’ by Etta James, ‘You Are the Best Thing’ by Ray LaMontagne, ‘All of Me’ by John Legend, and Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’ were the 5 most-played in 2018.

6. Something no one would ever expect

The classic first dance is slow, soulful and romantic. The last thing people generally expect is some hard rock, a novelty school disco classic, or even something that would sound more appropriate at a rave. If it means something to you both, go for it.

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7. Something obscure no one’s heard of

Wide appeal definitely isn’t essential. It’s not about everyone else, the first dance song is about you. If you’re both into an obscure underground band, and there’s a song in their back catalogue that means something to you, it’s an ideal first dance.

8. Show off your dancing abilities

Extravagant (but unexpected) dance routines have become a big first dance trend. Even if you’re not quite ready to hire a dance studio for rehearsals, you could use your first dance to make some small but genuinely impressive moves. Learn to waltz or tango a few steps and you’ll make a special moment even more special.

9. Choose wedding band hire to accompany you

Nothing beats live music. Instead of asking your DJ to press play, live jazz music will fill the room and give your first dance some style.

Silk Street Swing is a snappy-dressing, toe-tapping swing jazz band, and ready to start the party, fill the dance floor, and give you and your partner a moment to remember forever. They play all the smooth jazz classics you love, including ‘Moon River’ and ‘The Way You Look Tonight’.

Book Silk Street Swing for your first dance.

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